Everyday Motor City: An Interview with Documenting Detroit’s Karah Shaffer

Filling a gap in serious documentary storytelling in Detroit, Alan Chin and Karah Shaffer eschew big city living in New York to become catalysts for a new generation of photographers. In this week’s edition of Photographers in Detroit Getting Coffee (well, something like that), we sit down with Karah at the Urban Bean Co. to … Continue reading Everyday Motor City: An Interview with Documenting Detroit’s Karah Shaffer

Making the Invisible Visible

It seems the list of photographers who at some point liked to paint/draw or were musicians before picking up a camera is endless (and, increasingly, people who work in IT before discovering photography as a pasttime).  Someone should probably conduct some sort of study on what seems to be a higher than normal correlation compared … Continue reading Making the Invisible Visible

Do we need mediocrity?

In high school, I spent much of my time as an underachieving B- student. It wasn't that school was particularly difficult from an academic perspective; I was so distracted with video games, girls and basketball that I was simply content to get by with passing grades. There was also an infectious insanity prevailing some of … Continue reading Do we need mediocrity?

Resistance is futile…

So I'm sitting in an airport, and it occurred to me that it might be fun to start a blog.  Seems easy enough; add a "/blog" to my "http://www.brianday.org" site, and start banging out some content.  Ah, but "content", "brand", and all that good stuff.  What to write?  Hey, maybe I should talk about gear?  After all, … Continue reading Resistance is futile…